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Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our community with handcrafted desserts with the highest level of quality ingredients. We strive to provide a heavenly experience for our customers with every bite. And in doing so, we keep your business exprience as exciting as possible with your ideas, themes, colors, and favors for your event.  That makes us different from the rest, We care, respect, and value our customers! Join our heavenly family today!

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Welcome to Candy's Heavenly Desserts & More, where every bite is like a piece of heaven. Our bakery is locally owned and operated, and we specialize in delicious homemade bagels, breads, cheesecakes, cookies, and so much more. Quality ingredients and time-tested baking techniques are our secret to creating sweet treats that are sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. Whether you're looking for classic flavors or something more unique, our bakery has it all. Stop by today to indulge in our heavenly desserts!

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Our Heavenly Baked Projects

Candy's Heavenly Desserts & More is committed to providing support and help to families of homicide victims in our community. Through our project, we have found a way to give back to those who have lost so much. Join us on this journey by checking out our projects and learning how you can make a difference too.

Nothing beats the taste of hot, fresh bread. Our homemade breads are made the traditional way, by hand, using only the best ingredients. Choose from a range of flavors including bagels, bread puddings, and our specialty bread. We are dedicated to producing the most delicious breads that you’ll love!

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Best Sellers

When I ate the Pepperoni & Cheese Bagels......All I could say where her hands where like heaven!

Allessandra Spangles Manager

Wichita, Kansas

At Candy's Heavenly Desserts & More, we pride ourselves on the amazing team we've assembled. Our staff is passionate about creating delectable treats that will leave you coming back for more. We are continuously perfecting our recipes and experimenting with new flavors to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience. Come meet our team and taste the heavenly desserts we create.

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Candice Harris Owner

Wichita, Kansas

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Candy's Heavenly Desserts & More

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